Hello, I'm Francisco Quintero, Software Engineer and Ruby on Rails Developer

Tech I Work With

  1. Ruby

  2. Ruby on Rails

  3. JavaScript

  4. Git

  5. Ubuntu

  6. Bash

  7. CSS3

  8. PostgreSQL

  9. AWS

  10. Heroku

  11. Docker

  12. React

Currently Working At

  1. Ideaware


Places I've Worked

  1. Dev As Pros

    Dev As Pros

  2. Stefanini Latam

    Stefanini Latam

  3. FullStack Labs

    FullStack Labs

  4. Ideaware


  5. Gaming Frog

    Gaming Frog

  6. Ozone Labs

    Ozone Labs


  1. Backend Handbook

    Backend Handbook

    For Ruby on Rails apps

  2. Otro Espacio Blog

    Otro Espacio Blog

    My Personal Technical Blog

  3. El Camino del Pro

    El Camino del Pro

    Dev As Pros Blog

  4. Medium Colombia

    Medium Colombia

    Non-technical Articles Exploring Ideas